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Chan Jun Yang


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We help men in Singapore overcome issues that are difficult or embarrassing to talk about openly.

Having trouble with your relationship? It could be your sex life. Find out how likely you (or your partner) might have ED.

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Erectile Dysfunction

Regain your sexual performance and confidence. We offer prescription medications clinically-proven to improve erections. Our discreet online consultations will also ensure that your secret only stays with you, always.

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Hair Loss

While you can’t prevent what you’ve already lost, you can keep what you still have. Our treatment plans are clinically proven to stop your hair from falling off as long as possible. The earlier you take action, the more hair you’ll keep.

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Get Your Meds In 3 Simple Steps

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Start your treatment by telling us more about your condition through our online survey. Our in-house doctors will review your details within 24 hours.

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We will verify your condition via WhatsApp* and initiate an online consultation with you to ensure that you are suitable for our treatment options.

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Your order will be dispatched within 3 working days. Subsequent orders will be dispatched according to your subscription plan.

* MOH requires all HCI-registered telemedicine clinics to perform a single video consultation

How It Works

“Men don’t like to talk about their problems, unless they have a good solution for it.

At Sire, we want to empower men to take charge of their health issues, and make it as easy as possible to solve it for them discreetly.”