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What you need to know about the Sire Experience.

Step 1: Online Consultation

Duration: 5 minutes

The Sire Experience begins with a quick online consultation.

The survey will help us understand your condition and medical history to determine if you will be suitable for our treatments.

If suitable, this is also where you will get to select the treatment plan that works best for you.

Sire consultation
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Step 2: Video Consultation

Duration: 5 minutes

Our in-house doctors will review your details within 24 hours of submission. They will then conduct a video call with you via WhatsApp complete the consultation process.

We only charge a low consultation fee of $10. This will be waived if you are not suitable for our treatment options.

We will only dispense your medications after this video consultation. You will also only be charged at this stage.

Step 3: Free and Discreet Delivery

Duration: Up to 3 business days

We will dispatch your medications after the video consultation within 3 working days. Delivery is free, and your medications will be sent in discreet, unmarked packaging.

Depending on the subscription plans that you choose, medications will only be dispatched 7 days before before the start of the new treatment period (1 or 3 months).

You may cancel your subscription any time, and will take effect from the next order onwards. Any medication dispensed cannot be returned or refunded. Please refer to our cancellation and refund policy for more details.


Sire home delivery

100% Online Process

$10 Consultation Fee

Free Delivery & Follow-up Consultations


For any additional questions, feel free to contact us and we will speak to you soon!

Our doctors are independent physicians who are registered with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC).

We obtain all our medications directly from local suppliers that are approved by Singapore’s Health Science Authority (HSA)

MOH Licensing experimentation and adaptation programme (LEAP) was launched in 2018 in order to understand a new era of medicine. The programme has since matured and hence, concluding.

We understand that your time and privacy matters. Therefore,  our health survey is designed to ask the sensitive and necessary information that our doctors require. You are required to fill them to the best of knowledge. After our doctors have vetted the survey, the Singapore Ministry of Health requires at least one video consultation before confirmation of your order.

Your credit card will only be charged AFTER approval by the doctor. You can cancel your order before that with no added charge. Just inform us via email or WhatsApp our team.

If you have an ongoing subscription, simply contact us and we will arrange your request. (subjected to doctor’s approval)

Unfortunately, all medications once prescribed cannot be refunded due to safety and quality control. We have the option of smaller subscription plans so that you can be sure the medications are suitable without overcommitting.

  • All products are sent in a weather-seal discreet packaging within the next 2-3 working days. Our delivery partner will inform you prior to delivery.

We do not provide this service at this point of time.

In the even of an emergency (eg. difficulty breathing, chest pain, loss of consciousness), call the national emergency hotline at 995 and/or go to the nearest emergency department / medical center.

For other non-urgent issues, you can consult our doctors via WhatsApp. We will respond to you within the next working day.

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